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Beauty Starts Here

Therapeutic Laser

  • Laser hair removal of all types and all types of skin.
  • Laser treatment of facial and body blood vessels.
  • Laser blackhead removal.
  • Therapeutic laser for pigment membranes. The removal of tattoos and tattoos.
  • Laser color unification for vitiligo patients.
  • Carbon laser for freshness and reduced fat.
  • Surgical laser treatment of hair.
  • Cytone laser for acne scars or surgical scars.
  • Treatment laser for freckles, costs and pigments.
  • Non-surgical skin rejuvenation and tightening (Alterra – Scarlet – Elite Plus).

Body Care

Depends on the work of a program for each patient to tighten and sculpt the body and slimming with the latest international medical methods.

  • Miso injections for double chin, cellulite and tensile.
  • Carving the body with cooling technology.
  • Body sculpting with radiofrequency and heat.
  • Thermal endothelium with marine algae.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage with the latest technology.
  • Diet and follow up with a nutritionist.

Treatment of Hair Problems

To diagnose and treat various hair diseases with the latest technology.

  • Plasma injection of hereditary hair loss and others.
  • Mesotherapy for different kinds of hair.
  • Stem cells are injected into the hair.
  • Filler hair.
  • Botox hair.
  • Detox for the scalp.
  • Integrated non-chemo treatment to soften hair.

Skin Treatment

We treat skin problems, age and pigmentation with various medical techniques on scientific basis and using the best international materials recognized by the FDA such as:

  • Cold peeling (amylan).
  • Blue peeling (TCA).
  • Peeling of the melanin for dark skin,
  • Peel yellow.
  • Mesotherapy for the eye and face area for pigmentation and freshness.
  • Plasma injection of face and neck of different types.
  • Platinum and Eno Peeling.
  • Lightening the special areas without peeling.

Skin Care

By skin specialists who are skilled and experienced
This section provides periodic care for the beauty of the skin through annual programs

  • Deep medical cleaning of the skin.
  • Crystal peel.
  • Mizo Baldermaben for lightness and freshness.
  • The volcanic mask.
  • Gold Mask.
  • Sensitive and sensitive skin sessions.
  • Sessions for oily skin.
  • Lightening sessions for face and body using natural oils and natural masks.
  • Sessions of dark circles.
  • Hydrafacial sessions.
  • Carboxy sessions.

Cosmetic Injection

  • Botox injections for wrinkles and excessive sweating.
  • Filler injection of different types.
  • Filler injections for hair and face.
  • Mesotherapy for facial, hair and body.
  • Injection of stem and facial stem cells.
  • ProFhilo injection for lifting the skin.